Special requirements of contact materials ( polyurea hot spray, polyurea coating…) Clean water is a material that must be absolutely safe, not affecting human health.

Water is a valuable global resource

Water is one of the most important and vital sources of life for us
• Water resources on earth are enormous but only 2.5% of these are fresh water
• 70% of the total fresh water is in the icebergs
• Since 1970, fresh water availability has decreased by 35%.
• At the same time, the demand for fresh water increases by about 40%.
• 800 million people do not have access to reliable water
• 3.5 million people die each year from polluted water
• Water shortages are likely to have a negative impact on economic growth worldwide unless significant investments in water infrastructure and technology
• In the US alone, it is estimated that about $ 140 – 160 billion need to be invested in water assets by 2020 to maintain minimum
• In Vietnam, the water source for the society is mainly treated from surface water and is strongly influenced by industrial pollution, animal husbandry and salinity. In addition to combating water pollution, preventing water loss and improving the life of water supply works is a top priority for businesses producing clean water.

Requirements for materials in contact with clean water

Special requirements of contacting materials (polyurea coatings, coatings, etc.) with clean water are that the material must be absolutely safe, without affecting human health. Currently, there are two organizations in the world to evaluate the safety of materials on clean water as well as the impact on human health. It is NSF Organization of WHO in the US and WRAS organization in Europe.The waterproof and protective coating materials supplied and constructed by NEWTEC for the clean water industry always ensure durable quality and have a safety certificate. of NSF and WRAS. Materials product brand NEWTEC, with very good impact resistance, outstanding wear resistance, absolute waterproof ability and very high chemical corrosion resistance. The service life of the coating is more than 30 years in water and soil according to ISO 12944-2: 2018.

NEWTEC’s quick coating solutions:

Fast, sustainable and cost-effective

Coating system for clean water.


Fast curing time:

The reaction time is very fast (15-20 seconds), so polyurea (PUA) does not react with moisture in the air and moisture in the substrate. Thanks to this property, PUA can be applied on substrates with low temperature and high humidity such as steel, concrete, wood, stone, composite or PU foam …

Excellent adhesion:

The adhesion of the coating material depends on the surface quality of the substrate. Therefore, the surface preparation of the base material is an important step, directly affecting the final quality of the coated product.
PUA has very good adhesion ability with substrates such as concrete, steel, wood, composite … when the surface of these materials is carefully prepared and cleaned properly.

Insensitive to moisture:

PUA outperforms all coating materials on the market today thanks to its applicability in conditions of high humidity (up to 98%) and low temperature (up to -30°C). The reaction rate of PUA is so fast that no reaction with moisture occurs and does not create carbon dioxide bubbles. Therefore, PUA is the optimum protective coating for concrete and other substrate materials

High tensile strength:

PUA has high elasticity, very good elasticity and tear resistance, so it is suitable when used as waterproof coating for pipes, water tunnels … and structures with large deformation amplitude such as expansion joints. and cracks. The tough properties of PUA also help this material increase its resistance to penetration under the impact of foreign objects or local puncture pressure.

High wear resistance:

PUA is especially effective when applied in high abrasion resistant working environment such as pipe surface affected by turbulent flow or suspended particles, sand … in raw water.
In all areas of application, PUA has proven its advantages in abrasion resistance, great deformation resistance and many other excellent mechanical properties on a wide range of substrates from metal to concrete etc. …

Fast construction, safe to use in an enclosed area and works requiring high chemical resistance:

Thanks to its very low volatile content, PUA is the right choice when the coating is applied in limited construction spaces such as painting in closed tanks, basements, tunnels, pipes …
Thanks to the short maintenance time, the application of PUA coating will reduce the delay time and soon put into operation the project when repairing.
Thanks to its chemical resistance, PUA coating materials are preferred for structures and constructions requiring high chemical resistance such as acid storage tanks, alkaline tanks, salt solutions, PAC tanks … PUA coatings will form a strong waterproof coating to prevent permeation, corrosion and spillage of invasive agents from the tank to the environment.



Real photos of works

The largest water treatment plant in the country with a capacity of 750,000 m3 / day and night, was built in 1963 to serve the people of Saigon with clean water. The factory always invests and applies new technologies to improve water supply productivity, ensure quality and efficiency in production and business while ensuring project life.

Clean water tank No. 1,2 of Thu Duc Water Plant with a capacity of 90,000 m3, after more than 55 years of operation, the tank was corroded and degraded, on average leaks over 2,000 m3 / day.

NEWTEC has provided a coating solution and directly constructed the Polyurea coating system to completely solve the water leak with the volume of over 40,000m² of concrete surface in the coated tank. Works are warranted for 10 years and material durability is over 30 years.

Investor: Saigon Water Supply Corporation – One Member Limited Liability Company

Contractor: Thu Duc Water Plant

Package: Supplying materials and construction of waterproofing tanks No. 1,2

Coating area: 40.000 m²

Technology : Polyurea Coating


Real photos of works

Tan Hiep Water Plant (under the Saigon Water Supply Corporation – Sawaco) is operating with a capacity of 300,000m3 / day and night.

This is the main plant supplying water to the people of the western and southwest districts of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the coordination center to receive water from other factories.

In recent years, the quality of input water from the Saigon River has been complicated, difficult to handle, and in the dry season, the water is salty in excess of standards. This fact requires Tan Hiep Water Plant to adjust technical technology to ensure water quality standards meet standards.

Epoxy coating for sedimentation tanks, after 10 years of operation, all peels off. NEWTEC has provided the new generation polyurea / epoxy amine coating solution for all settling tanks with the coating volume of over 35,000 m².

Investor : Tan Hiep water plant- Sawaco

Package : Waterproofing of sedimentation tanks

Coating area : 35.000 m²

Technology : Coating Epoxy aminea/ Polyurea

NEWTEC’s products for safe drinking water are certified by NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) is the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Center for Food Safety and Drinking Water. NSF is one of three prestigious independent, non-governmental and non-profit inspection organizations (besides WQA – Water Quality Association, UL – Underwriters Laboratories).

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