1. General introduction Vietnam is a hot and humid tropical country with a coastline of more than 3200 km stretching from North to South. This is the environmental condition that causes metal corrosion at a very high rate. According to survey data of Vietnam Association of Corrosion Science and Technology, the corrosion damage in our […]

POLYUREA coating anti-corrosion, waterproofing corrugated iron roof – 25 year warranty.

In the developed industry, a factory or a factory is a very popular and especially important building. Most of the world, factories or factories have pre-engineered steel frame structures with large corrugated iron roof apertures. Therefore, the protection against corrosion and waterproofing of corrugated iron roofs of industrial plants is especially important. The advantage of […]


The good properties and protective ability of polyureas are attracting growing market interest in protective coatings. Polyurea applications such as waterproofing, corrosion protection, chemical and abrasion resistance are used in many areas of human activity. In the past three decades, polyurea application technology has been widely developed in many countries and tested in all climatic […]


POLYUREA COATING VIET NAM Polyurea coating – best protection for the harshest environments Polyurea coating has been on the market in Vietnam for nearly 20 years with its durability, high physical properties and versatility providing many practical applications for the most demanding requirements. Polyurea coatings are currently used in industries for waterproofing, anti-corrosion, water-repellent and […]

Comparison of current waterproof materials

Concrete is a versatile building material and is very popular. It is highly durable, but cannot withstand exposure to moisture. The concrete surface is porous and when exposed to long moisture, the concrete structure begins to deteriorate over time. The waterproofing layer is the optimal solution to maintain the integrity and prolong the life of […]

Polyurea applications for industries

The infrastructure Water Polyurea applications protective coatings provide excellent solutions for drinking water, wastewater, sewers, irrigation channels and reservoir linings as well as retrofit existing piping infrastructure. NEWTEC strives to maintain and protect the health, environment and economic benefits that drinking water and wastewater infrastructure brings. With record droughts or record floods with limited access […]


PROTECTION SAFETY OF WATER Special requirements of contact materials ( polyurea hot spray, polyurea coating…) Clean water is a material that must be absolutely safe, not affecting human health. Water is a valuable global resource • Water is one of the most important and vital sources of life for us • Water resources on earth […]

Waterproof Quality

Waterproof Quality is one of the important construction factors, with the role of protecting the building from damage caused by water intrusion from the environment. With the missing or inaccurate exterior design, water finally starts to enter the building. – In such cases, it is necessary to renovate the building, as maintaining humidity in the […]

Characteristics of marine building paint

Các công trình vùng biển cần được phủ sơn công trình vùng biển để tránh bị nước biển ăn mòn

The continuous contact with seawater of boats and resorts near the sea causes acid corrosion to occur faster, and structures rapidly degrade and fail. Using marine construction paint is a solution against strong corrosion of sea salt. 1. What is marine construction and its main features Marine construction paint is a type of paint with […]