Waterproof Quality

Waterproof Quality is one of the important construction factors, with the role of protecting the building from damage caused by water intrusion from the environment. With the missing or inaccurate exterior design, water finally starts to enter the building. – In such cases, it is necessary to renovate the building, as maintaining humidity in the building’s parts is the inevitable cause of the deterioration.- When the investor is particularly interested to waterproofing. Buildings can get rid of many problems if the waterproofing part is done well and quality. It is necessary to think about all the details and carefully protect them with waterproof material, as water will enter any weak point. -Usually part fault occurs at the joints of waterproof materials, so it is better to choose more modern materials with seamless technology.

Polyurea is one of the newest technologies or materials and represents a new milestone in the field of waterproofing. It is a two-component system adopted using the reactor-heated, multi-component, high-pressure spray heater injection equipment. When coated to the surface it forms a seamless film, which adheses well to the surface. Due to the use of spray technique, it can be easily adapted to any surface, making it ideal for application on uneven surfaces and in any shape with 100% tightness.

Advantages of the Polyurea system:

Fast curing time (you can walk on the mulch for 5 ~ 10 seconds);

Durability (over 30 years);

Polyureas adhere to any building material;

High temperature resistance (up to 150°С);

High impact resistance and wear resistance;

Chemical resistance (acids, bases …)

Ability to apply polyurea under conditions of high humidity (up to 98%) and low temperature (up to -15°C);

Fast application without interrupting production

Construction image of Polyurea hot spray system

Polyurethane waterproofing is a system based on a liquid polyurethane coating and is an optimal solution to protect flat roofs, terraces, etc. It is resistant to weather and cracks on the concrete surface. It can be made to walk top surface without tiling. Before applying polyurethane waterproofing layer, Remove moisture, oil, grease from the substrate. The prepared base is covered with primer, then covered with polyurethane on the details such as cracks, pipe neck, expansion joints, ledge, drainage channels, … are treated for reinforcement. A continuous polyurethane coating is followed on the entire substrate.

Waterproof Quality. Another advantage of this waterproof type is its ease of application. Thanks to the seamless system, we are able to submerge an entire surface and make it snug. Under such conditions, it is not possible to encounter weaknesses later, as is common with most other waterproofing methods.

Pictures of waterproof construction Polyurethane

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