Solution for the electrical industry of the Polyurea coating system.

The good properties and protective ability of polyureas are attracting growing market interest in protective coatings. Polyurea applications such as waterproofing, corrosion protection, chemical and abrasion resistance are used in many areas of human activity. In the past three decades, polyurea application technology has been widely developed in many countries and tested in all climatic conditions. Numerous tests have been performed and considerable experience has accumulated in the operation of polymer spray coatings. Continuously looking for new possibilities for applications of usin  polyurea hot spray.

Our proven solutions in this segment include the four main types of power generation; thermal power, hydroelectricity, nuclear and gas.

  • Our clients turn to us for the total solution in these complex conditions to provide comprehensive protection of valuable assets, continuous operation and long design life in wear and tear. dams and high chemicals.
  • Complex solutions require our basic components of specifications, premium products, state-of-the-art paint equipment and the highest professional application contractors.
  •  Typical solutions for this segment include

+ Hazardous compartment: Chemicals, hydrocarbons and nuclear waste
+ Major containment: Dam, chemical treatment and storage basins
+ Abrasion protection: Warehouse, drain and equipment components
+ Corrosion protection: Gate, valve, filter, structural component
+ Gas compartment: Reactor and treatment system

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