Polyurea industrial floor solution.

Choosing the wrong epoxy industrial floor for your business can give you a serious headache as industrial facilities requiring heavily loaded floors to withstand all kinds of harmful challenges (commercial and public floor systems karma is not the same!)

– Commercial epoxy floor coatings are strong and durable, but the industrial environment requires a stronger, safer, and more durable industrial floor coat that can withstand an extremely heavy chemical attack and pressure.

Floor system covered with Polyurea

Polyurea floor coverings công nghiệp có thể được sử dụng trong một loạt các thiết lập công nghiệp, như:

– Warehouse

– Factories

– Storage facility

– Car shop

– Machine shop

– The hangar.
And more!

Why ⁉ Why is industrial polyurea floor covering a great choice for your industrial facility instead of epoxy floor coatings?

📌Industrial floors are often more impact resistant than civil and commercial epoxy flooring systems, so they need stronger floor coating solutions to protect industrial concrete against various harmful agents.
📌Industrial polyurea flooring is the most advanced system you can apply because they are resistant to waterproofing, abrasion, impact, oil and other chemicals that can seriously damage your concrete surface. Polyurea industrial floor paint is perfectly flexible compared to epoxy floor paint. What’s more, it doesn’t crack and flake off under any circumstances.
📌Polyureas belong to a group of polyurethanes. Like epoxy, it has low VOC content, cures quickly and is very strong. Polyurea paint for concrete industrial floors is the practical coating

⁉ What are the unique properties of polyurea floor coverings?

+ Epoxy floor coatings are fine, but polyurea floor coatings are definitely the best solution for your industrial facility due to their high resistance, extreme durability and fast curing properties.

+ Resistance – these floor coatings show flexibility and resistance to:

🖇️Bump – lots of traffic – chemicals – abrasion – scratches – temperature changes – stains – temperature – humidity

+ Durability – one of the key features of these floor coatings is that they have been shown to withstand the test of time. They are many times stronger than epoxy.

+ Excellent concrete protection – there is no better protective coating, especially in heavy duty environments where concrete is susceptible to damage or damage if not properly protected.

+ Environmental friendliness – VOC=0 in their applications, so they are safe to use.

+ Anti-slip – Applying a full paint chip or adding an anti-slip solution to the top coat will increase the anti-slip properties.

+ Maintenance – if you are wondering how to clean industrial polyurea floors, our answer is: easy! This floor does not need some special cleaning treatment if regular cleaning is maintained!

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