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NEWTEC PUA (Polyurea system)

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The NEWTEC PUA products for use through reactor heated, multi-component high pressure spray coating equipment. Their excellent mechanical properties have made them one of the most widely used materials for construction work regarding demanding specifications.

NEWTEC PUA is a Polyurea based product system designed to be waterproof, anti-wear, anti-corrosive, chemical …


The two-component pure polyurea can form a 100% solid and waterproof film, completely adhere to the substrate and has the advantage of bonding time in just 15 ~ 20 seconds.

Thanks to a high degree of fixation for most substrates it offers a safe and long lasting combination. Unlike many other membranes or fluids NEWTEC PUA can withstand long-term stagnation without damage. Low permeability solves many of the osmosis problems associated with waterproof coatings and tanks in continuous immersion, so it is often used in environments exposed to water, seawater or chemical. quality …

In terms of molecular structure, POLYUREA membranes are obtained by mixing two reactive components: an isocyanate and an amine group. The reaction of amines with the isocyanate group leads to the formation of urea bonds. Polyurea films can be hybridized by combining the above two components with a polyol mixture. If only polyol is bonded, the result of the reaction is polyurethane


NEWTEC PUA is applicable to a long list of surfaces such as concrete, steel, wood, ceramic, plastic …

  • As a coating to separate internal and external agents useful for pipes carrying water, chemicals, wastewater, gases, etc…
  • Safe coatings for people, food and drinking water, waterproofing applications in the construction of drinking water tanks, swimming pools, fish tanks …
  • Waterproofing of flat roofs, slopes or garage floors …
  • As a seamless and super durable coating in continuous immersion NEWTEC PUA is an excellent solution for roof garden waterproofing.
  • Treatment of waterproof, anti-corrosion in case of metal coating, Polyurethane Foam
  • In public project floor areas such as commercial projects, car parks and industrial warehouses are well suited for their durability, waterproof and at the same time anti-static.
  • To avoid leakage in chemical or corrosive containers, tanks, prevent leakage that is harmful to the environment or harmful to humans.
  • As a surface coating in cleanrooms or industries requiring a continuous floor surface.
  • Interior protection of specialized vehicles, pickup trucks, trucks
1.Surface Preparation
  • Concrete floor
  • The surface must be fully cured (more than 28 days).
  • Remove moisture, oil, grease from the substrate.
  • The suitable PH for concrete is 7 ~ 8
  • If there are any cracks or seepage it will be grooved and sealed with sealant
  • Remove the protective layer and the old backing with the sharpener
  • Metal surface (Please consult your Technical Representative NEWTEC for specific recommendations)
  • Primer coating helps to create good adhesion to the topcoat. Has high strength, elongation and is resistant to weather and water.
  • Newtec-Primer primers are to be applied only when the substrate is moisture, flat and solid.
  • Primer a few times with a roller brush or specialized spray machine at the rate of 0.1 ~ 0.2kg / m2. Apply 1 or 2 coats.
  • Recommended recoat time is 4 hours at 25ºC
3.Waterprofing NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550)
  • Adopt NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550) evenly through heated, multi-component, high pressure reactor spray equipment, capable of supplying raw materials at paint spray gun at minimum spray pressure 2000 psi and material temperature 60-80ºC (depending on geographic location)
  • Drying tact time: 15-20 seconds
  • Time without painting: 30-60 seconds
  • Wheeled traffic resistance: 12 hour
4.UV-resistant finish coating (Newtec-Topcoat)
  • A finish coat is required in some applications. Especially in cases where color fastness is required.
  • Protect the EPL-550 coating with a Newtec-Topcoat.
  • Open part A of Newtec-Topcoat, stirring with a mixer for 2-3 minutes. Then pour all part B into the tank of component A and mix for at least 5 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous.
  • Applying Newtec-Topcoat layer with roller or specialized spray machine, rated: 0.15-0.2 kg / m2.
  • Application time of Newtec-Topcoat: After coat of EPL-550 has completely dried (about 12 hours after application is completed)

At the request of customers. We test indicators such as adhesion strength with concrete in dry conditions, water absorption after 24 hours. Resistant to acid 10% H2SO4, resistant to alkali Ca (OH) 2 at the Institute of Building Materials.

Based on ASTM D412-16. We check on each shipment the criteria of tensile strength, elongation at break of Polyrea product system at Institute of Construction Science and Technology.

Based on test methods TCVN 6185: 2016, TCVN 6492: 2011, TCVN 6186: 1996; HayUS EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency); SMEWW (Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater Testing) and to project requirements, we tested the safety of Polyurea based products prior to use in our projects at QUATES 3.

Based on test methods TCVN 6187-1: 1996, TCVN 6186: 1996; SWW; SMEWW (Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater Testing) and to project requirements, we have tested product safety prior to use in projects at the Institute of Marine Engineering.

Quality management system ISO – AP TECH CO., LTD.

What type of product is 100% Pure Polyurea?

Solid, flexible, aromatic and two-component materials. Ideal for construction, infrastructure and waterproofing operations

How should I apply the NEWTEC PUA?

With a large surface area convenient for construction, it will be suitable for NEWTEC PUA series hot spray system With a small surface area where it is difficult to spray with a machine or surfaces that require manual Polyurea use are suitable for the NEWTEC PUA-BRUSH series.

What colors are available for the NEWTEC PUA product line?

Gray, Green, Blue …

How long does it take NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550) to completely dry?

NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550) is stable and dry within 15-20 seconds, in case of complete dryness and reaches 100% mechanical properties need a minimum of 24 hours.

Is the application of NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550) fast?

In good condition performance reaches 1000m2 / 1 working day.

NEWTEC PUA is corrosion resistant?

Yes, in case of need of corrosion protection NEWTEC PUA is the perfect choice.

Is NEWTEC PUA harmful?

No, NEWTEC PUA (EPL-550) can be used for drinking water tanks, it meets USDA, NSF standards … does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) …

What other applications is NEWTEC PUA available?

The applicability of NEWTEC PUA is quite wide. Due to its high hardness, it can be applied as interior coatings of vehicles, trailers …. Application for swimming pools with lots of colors. Provide anti-slip surfaces in areas such as parking ramps, or industrial warehouses … In the industrial field, its corrosion protection is popularly applied with good chemical resistance Military and defense applications (explosion minimization, bulletproof …)