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Armour plating and defence

NEWTEC PUA – Polyurea based material (UA-1001) provides specific coatings for armor plating that adhere well to most materials such as wood, steel, gypsum board, concrete, brick … with approximate thickness 5mm slag, with excellent mechanical properties that protect against explosions and external attacks thanks to its high energy absorption and debris shock resistance.
Excellent tensile strength and resilience providing consistency across walls and roofs.
The quick and easy application of on-site repair makes it ideal for use in temporary military facilities in combat zones, embassy buildings, police stations, military barracks and all other locations need special security measures to help protect residents from high-speed debris in the event of an explosion.

An outside explosion would break through the wall and create attack debris inside, causing damage and potential injury to those in it.


Pre-blast: Unprotected wall on left side and polyurea protected wall on right

After the blast: Unprotected wall on left side and polyurea protected wall on right

Polyurea is applied to the wall.

The wall before the explosion

Unprotected wall on right side and polyurea protected wall on left

The explosion is equivalent to 110kg of TNT explosive at a distance of 30 feet (9,144m).

The wall is protected by a Polyurea coating that keeps the dummy safe from explosions and debris.

After the explosion: The wall protected by the Polyurea coating remains intact while the unprotected wall is completely destroyed.

The wall was not disposed of after the explosion, collapsed completely, debris causing damage to the dummy.