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NEWTEC CE101 is a three-component repair mortar used for filling, repairing concrete surface.


Making thin coatings for vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces; Quick fixes for hollow, porous and surface peeling concrete surfaces; Repair of structures damaged by corrosion; Layers temporary waterproofing for Epoxy / Polyurethane floor systems.

  • Easy to apply, can be used on damp substrates;
  • The forming surface is impermeable, non-corrosive, no joints;
  • High mechanical strength, hard surface, hard surface;
  • Fast development intensity;
  • Allow water vapor to escape from the surface, the surface can ‘breathe’;
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete;
  • Non-toxic;
  • No chloride, no corrosion of reinforcement;


Color Part A: Liquid / milky white;
Part B: Liquid / light yellow color;
Part C: Powder / gray color;
Pack Part A: 1 kg/pack;
Part B: 4 kg/bin;
Part C: 18 kg/pack;
Preservation Dry, cool place;
Date 06 months
Volumetric mass ~ 2 kg / liter (mortar after mixing).
Mixing ratio

The ratio of using part A: B: C is equivalent to 1: 4: 18 by weight

Mixing mortar mix volume ~ 11.5 liters per set of 23 kg. Need 87 sets for 1m3 of mortar.

Construction temperature Construction time 30 minutes at 30 ° C temperature, higher temperatures allow shorter application time.
  Time to apply next coat: After 12 hours at 30 ° C
Thickness per layer The sealant layer for durable concrete surface is about 2-4kg / 1m2 for thickness from 1–2mm.


Property Unit Results Standard
Bond Strength, 30 Mpa concrete base, 28 days Mpa ≥ 2.0 Mpa TCVN 3121-12:2003
Flexural Strength 28 days Mpa ≥ 8 Mpa TCVN 3121-11:2003
Compressive Strength 28 days Mpa ≥ 45 Mpa ASTM C109


1.Surface preparation

  • Concrete or steel surfaces should be cleaned, grease and impurities removed.
  • There is no need to pre-wet the surface, unless the surface is too dehumidifying or the surface is exposed to intense sunlight.
  • In case of pre-wetting, do not allow standing water.

2. Mixing method

  • NEWTEC CE101 is pre-calibrated. Shake part A and component B. Then pour part A into part B and stir well. Gradually add component C to the mixture (A + B). Mix well with mixer using low speed mixer (500 rpm) for about 3 minutes.

    Note: Mix thoroughly without lumping before using; Do not add water to the mixture.

3. Attendance

  • NEWTEC CE101 can be applied with a spatula or a trowel … all are suitable. This material can be completely applied safely to damp surfaces. To make the surface beautiful, use a damp rubber sponge or a fine brush to sweep the surface.

4. Maintenance

  • In areas with strong sunlight and strong winds, curing is necessary.


  • Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Once hardened mortar can only be removed by mechanical means.


1. Ecology

  • Do not dispose into water.

2. Transportation

  • Not dangerous.

3. Caution

  • NEWTEC CE101 is alkaline material, so direct skin contact should be minimized. If the product gets in the eyes, wash immediately with clean water and get to the medical facility as quickly as possible.