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NEWTEC CP101 is a two-component repair mortar: component A is a gray powder that is synthesized from cement and special additives; component B, milky white liquid, synthesized from multi-functional polymers


Make a thin seal for vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. Quick fixes for surface of concrete structures that are hollow, pitted and surface peeling. Repair of concrete structures damaged by corrosion. Temporary waterproofing barrier for Epoxy / Polyurethane based floor systems.

  • Easy construction;
  • High mechanical strength;
  • Fast development intensity;
  • Compatible with expansion of concrete;
  • Good adhesion to steel and concrete;
  • No chloride, no corrosion of reinforcement;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Use in conjunction with mesh to prevent cracks


Color Part A: Powder / Gray;
Part B: Liquid / Milky white;

Part A: 25 kg/pack

Part B: 4.3 kg/bin;

Preservation Dry, cool place;
Date 06 months
Volumetric mass ~ 2.07 kg / liter (mortar after mixing).
Mixing ratio

The rate of using part B is 17.2% by weight of part A;

Mixing mortar mix volume ~ 14.5 liters per set of 30 kg. Need 69 sets for 1m3 of mortar.

Construction temperature Minimum temperature: 5 ° C; Maximum temperature: 45 ° C.
Thickness per layer Minimum 05 mm, maximum 10 mm.


Property Unit Results Standard
Bond Strength, 30 Mpa concrete base, 28 days Mpa ≥ 1.0 Mpa TCVN 3121-12:2003
Flexural Strength 28 days Mpa ≥ 5 Mpa TCVN 3121-11:2003
Compressive Strength 28 days Mpa ≥ 40 Mpa ASTM C109


1.Surface preparation

  • Concrete or steel surfaces should be cleaned, grease and impurities removed.
  • Surfaces to be repaired must be watered until fully saturated without standing water.

2.Mixing equipment

  • For batches with volume <15 liters: Can be mixed by hand mixer combined with paddle, minimum speed 450 rpm (rpm).
  • For batches with volume ≥15 liters: Use a forced mixer of suitable capacity.

3.Mixing method

  • Time from 3-5 minutes for the mortar mixture meets the requirements of homogeneity.

4. Attendance

  • Apply mortar mixture immediately after mixing is finished, allow time to apply about 30 minutes at 25 ± 2 ° C.
  • If the location depth to be repaired exceeds 20mm, it is recommended to construct in many layers, the maximum thickness for each layer is 20mm. Make sure the previous layer is hard and rough before applying the next layer.

5. Maintenance

  • In order to achieve the full performance of the cementitious material, maintenance is paramount. In the first 3 days, it is necessary to carry out moist curing on the surface of the mortar by spraying water, watering or covering the moisture bag.


  • Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Once hardened mortar can only be removed by mechanical means.


  • Must mix mortar mixture until homogeneous, no clumping. Reducing the amount of ingredient B used will make the mixture more pliable and thick.


1. Ecology

  • Do not dispose into water.

2. Transportation

  • Not dangerous.

3. Caution

  • NEWTEC CP101 is alkaline, so direct skin contact should be minimized. If the product gets in the eyes, wash immediately with clean water and get to the medical facility as quickly as possible.