POLYUREA coating anti-corrosion, waterproofing corrugated iron roof – 25 year warranty.

In the developed industry, a factory or a factory is a very popular and especially important building. Most of the world, factories or factories have pre-engineered steel frame structures with large corrugated iron roof apertures. Therefore, the protection against corrosion and waterproofing of corrugated iron roofs of industrial plants is especially important.

The advantage of the factory with steel structure and corrugated iron roof is very light, fast construction, economical construction investment and low cost. Normally in the natural environment, corrugated iron roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years. However, in the coastal atmosphere (chloride vapor in sea air), buildings near the sea and especially at factories emit gases that are strongly corrosive to metals or structures near factories. emissions are generated, such as: SO2; H2S; CO2, CLORUA…then the lifespan of the corrugated iron roof or steel structure is seriously reduced, the corrugated iron roof is very quickly corroded, causing rust, perforation, decay, seepage or broken… after only about 10-15 years of use and deteriorate even earlier.

This problem seriously affects the production process of the factory and may have to suspend operations to repair and replace the new corrugated iron roof. For factories with continuous production lines, or the underlying equipment is especially important, dismantling the corrugated iron roof for repair and replacement is difficult and very expensive to move or protect the equipment lines under the roof…

Image of roof plan and application of Polyurea Newtec coating.

Therefore, the problem for the factory to still operate normally but still maintain and repair the roof of the factory is a very suitable solution. NEWTEC is the leader in providing optimal solutions to repair corrugated iron roofs for projects in Vietnam. Our solution is to use a multi-functional, ultra-lightweight, multi-functional, multi-functional polyurea based elastomeric elastomeric coating material (PUA), covering the corrugated iron roof to ensure waterproof, anti-corrosion and not affect all related activities. factory with the most economical cost and much lower than the unit cost of replacing a new roof. At the same time, this solution allows to shorten maintenance time and repair construction very quickly, very simply and conveniently, can be constructed in any terrain and on any ground regardless of location as well as complex shape of roof structure.

Before and after pictures of Polyurea Newtec . roof coating

Currently, NEWTEC is the exclusive distributor of polyurea-based products of famous brands in the world such as: Nukote coating; VIP coating; Aptech; SCM… NEWTEC is committed to coating durability for up to 25 years and meets all customer requirements.

Construction image of Polyurea waterproofing to protect metal roofs

The process of anti-corrosion and waterproofing treatment of the factory roof:

  1. Survey to determine the cause and assess the degree of damage, corrosion and leakage of the roof
  2. Treat the roof surface by appropriate measures such as: spray clean with high pressure machine, remove peeling coating, clean the corroded area by machine…
  3. Using super-elastic PUA glue with high strength to fill holes, screw heads, seams (folding) of corrugated iron roofs and expansion joints…
  4. Use a specialized sprayer to apply the multi-function NEWTEC POLYUREA (PUA) paint, covering the entire roof with the correct thickness and coverage.
  5. Check the quality and thickness of the coating by a specialized ultrasonic machine.
  6. Actual project pictures:
The roof drain is in a badly damaged condition, many parts of the pipeline are not technically correct
Image of high-pressure water spray cleaning the entire roof surface
After cleaning, the damaged locations will be repaired and installed new
Apply epoxy or polyurethane-based primer on concrete, mortar at drains
EPL-550 Pure Polyurea Coating with 2mm . thickness
Newtec-Topcoat UV resistant finish
The image after finishing, ensures high durability, no leakage.
Pictures after completing the entire roof

For more information, please contact NEWTEC at:

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