Pure polyurea protects against marine corrosion.

Pure polyurea protects against Corrosion or corrosion is a complex of structural and construction measures intended to prevent corrosion.
The physical aging process destroys any product from the very first moment. The manifestations of corrosion are so numerous and varied that the war against it is still relevant today.
All structural materials are corroded: metals, polymer materials, silicates and all that is made of them: buildings and structures, ships and offshore structures, bridges and tunnels , underground and underwater piping, oil and gas storage, urban underground utilities, energy equipment, agricultural buildings.
The practical development and use of effective anti-corrosion and structural protection means not only reduces metal loss and structural load-bearing capacity, but also reduces the material consumption of buildings. , increase their load and reduce fuel and energy consumption during operation, increasing the life of the facility.
All of this generally helps to reduce costs and increase the profitability of the project.

Both abrasion and corrosion, the damaging marine environment to marine structures such as offshore platforms, rigs and ships, all of which are major investments.

All activities in the marine environment are affected by corrosion; prevention, control, and remediation costs billions of dollars each year. One way to minimize the effects of some types of corrosion is to use a flexible topcoat and resist chemical attack from salt and petroleum products.

Pure polyurea, Polyurea coating protects against have the durability and flexibility needed to function in this hostile environment.

Polyurea oil rig corrosion protection

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