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ZE CHAR 263 is a flame retardant coating that provides fire protection for plants or facilities with steel structures and a protective treatment of flammable materials.


Use as fireproof coating:

  • Surfaces of walls, doors, columns, beams, floors …
  • For fire protection for factories or facilities with steel structures.

Note: Call our technical department about the application for other assistance or situations


Color White
Dry time Set to dry for 30 minutes, dry for 72 hours
Film thickness 60min : 57μm; 90min : 900μm; 120min : 1300μm; 150min : 1600μm
Specific gravity 1.30 ± 0.2
Solid content 70±4 %
Date 12 months
Packing 18 liters


  • Surface preparation:
    All coated surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination. ZE CHAR 263 is applicable to cleaned abrasive (SSPC-SP6 or Sa2) surfaces. Recommended DFT of liner is 40 ~ 50μm. The linings selected must complete a primer quality check from Handoo Fire Cote
  • Work environment:
    (Surface temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point). Standard Ambient temperature 5 ~ 35°C Humidity 0 ~ 85°C
  • Constructive equipment:
    In principle, the intermediate coating would be applied by spraying without air. However, if a certain area is difficult to be covered with a spray coating, this particular area can be partially covered with a brush, roller or similar.
  • Recommended airless spray specification:
    Pressure rate: 45:1
    Spray pressure: 210 kg/cm or higher
  • Nozzle size: 0.025 “- 0.030” (0.63mm – 0.76mm) # 325, # 327, # 331, # 425, # 427, # 429
  • Ways to make overlays:
    1. Flame retardant paint is packaged in a liquid state. Hence, stir it with a stirrer enough to soften it before performing coating.
    2. The dilution principle is not allowed in the principle. However, a small amount of diluent can be used for easy operation depending on the operator
    3. In case of bad weather please apply it thinner than normal film thickness again to ensure drying time.
    4. If you apply it too thick at the same time, delayed drying of the paint film, cracking and falling off due to poor adhesion can occur.
    5. In particular, be careful not to let the paint rise in the rain or snow before applying the top coat.
  • Repainting term
    Nhỏ nhất:48h24h12°C8°C
  • The distance of the coating to itself
  • Top coating 
    ZE CHAR 263 must be adequately cured prior to topcoating. In areas exposed to ultraviolet rays or strong humidity, topcoats should be used. Handoo Fire Cote should be consulted in advance about the suitability of coatings.


  • For product hazards and precautions, refer to the notes on the product packaging and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
    – Wear safe clothing during construction.
    – Workers are completely familiar with the product specifications and technical data prior to application.
    – If paint comes into contact with sensitive body parts such as eyes or respiratory tract, seek immediate medical help.