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Roof insulation NEWTEC PU FOAM

Roof with polyurethane foam based insulation applied to inside or outside the building, this is a simple and effective solution that only needs to protect the foam from UV rays, otherwise it will degrade the material properties.

Roof insulation NEWTEC PU FOAM ?

Simple surface treatment by removing dirt, defects …


First apply a coat of primer resin to ensure maximum adhesion to the surface.[NEWTEC-PRIMER]

2.PU Foam

NEWTEC PU polyurethane foam coating (APS 28 SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM) applied on the roof inside or outside the building.


Depending on the system chosen a membrane from either the NEWTEC PU or NEWTEC PUA range will be used.


The NEWTEC-TOPCOAT finishing coat consists of an aliphatic polyurethane resin, highly resistant to UV rays and hard wearing (can be walked on), and to which an anti-slip finish