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Fireproof application

Flame retardant coating system for fire protection for factories or facilities with steel structure and protective treatment of flammable materials.

1.How To Use

Paint on the surface of walls, doors, columns, beams, floors … to protect against fire for factories or steel structures.

2.General Application Process:
2.1 Surface preparation

All coated surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination. ZE CHAR 263 is applicable to cleaned abrasive (SSPC-SP6 or Sa2) surfaces. Recommended DFT of liner is 40 ~ 50µm.

The linings selected must complete a primer quality check from Handoo Fire Cote.

2.2 Working environment
(Surface temperature must be at least 3ºC above dew point)
Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 35ºC
Humidity: 0 ~ 85ºC