Polyurea applications for industries

The infrastructure


Polyurea applications protective coatings provide excellent solutions for drinking water, wastewater, sewers, irrigation channels and reservoir linings as well as retrofit existing piping infrastructure.

NEWTEC strives to maintain and protect the health, environment and economic benefits that drinking water and wastewater infrastructure brings. With record droughts or record floods with limited access to safe water in developing countries such as Vietnam, the management of usable freshwater is a serious concern.

Polyurea applications coatings provide long term solutions to protect new or deteriorating infrastructure. NEWTEC’s product for safe drinking water is certified by NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) as the World Health Organization (WHO) Cooperative Center for Food and Water Safety. NSF is one of three prestigious independent, non-governmental and non-profit inspection organizations (besides WQA – Water Quality Association, UL – Underwriters Laboratories). The growing population means an increase in demand for Sewage Treatment Plants (WWTP) around the world. To prolong the service life of WWTPs, NEWTEC has designed the industry’s most reliable Polyurea applications solutions. The EPL-550 withstands harsh environments and chemicals used by wastewater treatment plants and prevents hydrogen sulfide from destroying concrete infrastructure; the backbone of these critical systems. In densely populated areas or under buildings, removing or replacing damaged pipes and sewers is nearly impossible and logically costly.

NEWTEC Polyurea applications can also be applied prior to the installation of pipe sections to help prevent rapid corrosion or wear. The urgency of addressing the deteriorating water supply infrastructure around the world has made projects interested in a polyurea solution.


NEWTEC provides solutions to assist in many aspects of the transportation industry. From waterproofing, anti-erosion, pipes and sewers …

Corrosion is a major threat to concrete and steel bridges, roads, tunnels, flyovers and parking facilities. Extreme environmental conditions, long transport service times and air pollutants are some of the causes of rapid deterioration of transport infrastructure.

NEWTEC offers various polyurea coatings for corrosion resistance, waterproofing and non-slip surfaces, to protect concrete and steel foundations. Our polyurea coatings will withstand heavy traffic, salt and chemicals exposure. These purpose-engineered polyurea coatings minimize moisture penetration, providing excellent waterproof barriers.

The effects of strong movement on the ground, such as those encountered in earthquakes, can also contribute to the deterioration of transport infrastructure. Our high elongation polyureas remain flexible, allowing for surface movement, while also providing structural integrity. This unique polyurea forms a seamless membrane that eliminates degradation and prolongs the life of infrastructure.


Our world is becoming more connected and NEWTEC provides solutions for the next generation of communications technology. Our polyurea products are being used for micro trenching and fiber-optic/broadband data cable packaging.

Telephones and poles withstand the intrusion of weather and elements. Wear and tear can lead to blackouts for millions of people during major storms. Our use of protective coatings and high-density foam products allows power and communications providers a solution to protect critical components of grid, telephone and electrical infrastructure. our cable.

Rehabilitation / Retrofitting

Infrastructure in our country is in dire need of repair and retrofit. NEWTEC has a wide range of products that have been proven to overcome the deterioration of infrastructure.

Our hot spray, fast-applied polyurea coatings protect concrete, steel and most other substrates from the elements and are being used to repair or prevent weak materials from separating from the structure. damaged structure.

In addition, the polyurethane system can be applied in civil constructions providing high durability and flexibility

Commercial industry

NEWTEC is almost the first unit in Vietnam that has had more than ten years of successful application of polyurea technology. Delivering long-term, cost-effective solutions, durability and reliability for hundreds of projects large and small.

NEWTEC can now provide an advanced insulation solution combining polyurea and polyurethane foam suitable for the most demanding projects, making it an excellent choice for ceiling and roof insulation. It creates an airtight housing, saves energy, reduces energy costs and reduces the amount of pollutants entering your interior spaces.

Polyurethane foam is widely recognized as the best insulation for tanks and pipes. From the fish cellar on the boat, to the production deck, tunnel lining, ramps, dock, roof and more, NEWTEC’s wide range of high performance polyurea coatings have been proven to protect your building friend.

Metals are commonly used construction materials, but they are susceptible to corrosion that can weaken and ultimately reduce the value of your investment. Protect all types of metal roofs, pipes, equipment, structural supports, etc. from corrosion with our polyurea system. Polyurea converts from liquid to solid quickly, often reducing service return times to a few hours, resulting in reduced downtime for any business. And unlike paint and epoxy, polyurea is an elastomer, allowing it to move. Monolithic polyurea coatings will retain moisture and protect for many years more than traditional coatings.



Due to the increasing demand for electricity worldwide, the energy generated by solar and wind sources is a rapidly growing market. Protecting all infrastructure, such as turbine towers and blades from wear and corrosion, the NEWTEC polyurea product system has proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Hydroelectric (Tuabin)

Hydroelectricity is providing essential energy to millions of people globally. Protecting both concrete and metal infrastructure on dams and waterways around the world, NEWTEC’s Polyurea applications coating is delivering value by reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Whether required for wear resistance or approved coatings in potable water for aquifers, dams, spillways and drains, NEWTEC has a specific solution.


Corrosion leads to huge damage to the grid each year. NEWTEC offers coating solutions for the protection of towers, transformers, transfer stations and other critical electrical elements.

Power transformers are a vital component of our grid, but have been known to fail under extreme conditions, or leak when life is nearing the end.

In such cases, our Chemical Resistant Polyurea System can be used for geotextile secondary baffle systems, or sprayed directly onto the existing substrate under an existing transformer.

In the event of a transformer oil leak, NEWTEC’s high performance polyurea liners will contain liquid spills, protecting the environment during cleaning and during repairs.

Ground poles play an important role in providing electrical services to millions of customers. Our use of polyurea products and polyurethane foam to protect and retrofit these power companies, allows utility companies to protect critical electrical infrastructure and reduce the risk of disruption.

Nuclear power

Given the potential for potentially life-threatening exposure to humans, animals and the environment, radioactive substances and wastes must be properly handled and stored. NEWTEC’s polyurea coatings provide a solution to these most important containment challenges.

In addition to the infrastructure, NEWTEC’s polyureas are also used to line vehicles such as railroad cars that are used to move low-level radioactive waste.

Oil and Gas

Billions of people around the world rely on fossil fuels for heating, transportation, agriculture, defense and manufacturing. Transporting and storing gasoline, diesel oil, hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals requires safe, reliable containment and spill prevention measures on site. NEWTEC is a pioneer in the best chemically resistant, sprayable, elastic polyurea coatings. For main tank linings, or for gasoline, diesel and ethanol storage compartments NEWTEC polyurea products are recognized as the best seamless polyurea coating, fast gelatinization, elasticity and the best chemical resistance in the industry.

Protecting the environment from chemical spills is of paramount importance. NEWTEC is your partner for the best chemical resistant secondary containment liners designed for dozens of industries. If you are working with industrial chemicals, acids, hydrocarbons or petrochemicals then you can count on the best coatings for your containment needs.

The world’s leading oil and gas companies are using polyurea coatings to line new and existing farms and refineries. Environmental regulators and owners of airports, railroads, gas stations, and transport companies have also recognized the benefits of lining the areas around tanks, refueling stations and parties. in tankers on the road with our chemical resistant polyurea barriers.

Throughout the years, NEWTEC has partnered with oil and gas manufacturing companies to identify their primary and secondary containment needs, for both mobile and infrastructure infrastructure.

In addition, our polyurethane foam products are helping to reduce costs by insulating tanks and transport pipes.

OEM / Skill

Equipment coating

Goods of vehicles such as trains, trucks, containers, pickup trucks, etc., are continuously affected, spills, scratches …

The NEWTEC Polyurea application system provides an excellent protective coating for these situations with all the following advantages:

  • Surface protection against strong bumps, scratches and spills.
  • Surface protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Completely adapts to the geometry of the vehicle.
  • Allows subsequent installation of all accessories, supports, camper beds …
  • Fast application and drying. Initial gelatinization in 15 ~ 20 seconds. After 24 hours, the coating will dry completely and be ready for the most demanding activities.
  • Can be easily repaired, in many cases.Can be applied in almost any color, adapting to the aesthetic requirements of the vehicle involved.
  • Extremely durable, (in fact, the coating can often be expected to outlast the vehicle itself).

NEWTEC’s Polyurea applications (UA-1001) base material provides specific coatings for armor plating that adhere well to most materials such as wood, steel, gypsum board, concrete, brick … with approximate thickness 5mm, with excellent mechanical properties that protect against explosions and external attacks thanks to its high energy absorption and debris impact resistance.

Excellent tensile strength and resilience providing consistency across walls and roofs.

The quick and easy application of on-site repair makes it ideal for use in temporary military facilities in combat zones, embassy buildings, police stations, military barracks and all other locations need special security measures to help protect residents from high-speed debris in the event of an explosion.


Protect groundwater

Fresh water is a limited resource. Over-draining groundwater supplies lead to dry wells and streams, shrinking wetlands, and reduced lake flow and water levels. We have a challenge to move towards sustainable resource planning. An important step to achieving this is to increase our understanding of issues affecting water resources.

Abandoned coal mines associated with mine acid discharge are one of the biggest threats to ground and surface water quality. Abandoned mine sites, along with acid discharge, must be remedied. NEWTEC’s water-repellent, chemical-resistant polymers create a seamless protective barrier against such leakage.

Leaks or breaks can occur in oil and gas pipelines that move raw materials and finished products, or storage tanks, threatening our water supplies. NEWTEC’s hydrocarbon resistant polyurea products, designed for primary and secondary containment applications, prevent ground contamination, while also protecting our water supplies. Polyureas can be used to seal abandoned wells, mines or inactive water pipes.

Waste treatment

There has been undeniable success in cleaning up the world’s hazardous waste.

NEWTEC’s Polyurea applications system can provide a barrier between our hazardous waste storage areas and our natural resources. The monolithic capabilities of our polymers provide the ability to completely encapsulate waste for transportation or storage.


Reliance on natural resources such as minerals, metals and fossil fuels has resulted in a multi-billion dollar mining industry worldwide. To meet the needs and rigorous mining schedules, equipment and infrastructure need to be able to withstand wear and significantly last.

The need to protect equipment, infrastructure and the environment from the wear and corrosion caused by water and chemicals used in mining operations, has led to the development of efficient polyurea coating systems. High productivity can counteract severe losses.

NEWTEC’s Polyurea applications coatings allow the self-protection and preservation of critical mining industry components to be resistant to wear, corrosion, and erosion.

Hot injection high performance polyureas such as NEWTEC’s EPL-550 and UA-1001 series are designed to protect and prolong the life of mining equipment and material processing areas in the global mining industry. .

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